bù shí zhōu sù

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Bu Shi Zhou Su

bù shí zhōu sù Annotate (不食周粟)

《史记·伯夷列传》:“武王已平殷乱,天下宗周,而伯夷、 叔齐耻之,义不食周粟,隐於首阳山,采薇而食之。”后以“不食周粟”谓清白守节。

" history biographies of the Bai Yi that write down · " : "Fierce king already made the same score abundant chaos, week of the world an administrative unit in Xizang, and Qi Chizhi of Bai Yi, father's younger brother, justice do not feed Zhou Su, concealed Wu Shouyang hill, collect osmund and feed. " hind with " do not feed Zhou Su " call blameless preserve chastity after the death of her husband.