bù xiū biān fú

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Bu Xiu Bian Fu

bù xiū biān fú Annotate (不修边幅)

亦作“不脩边幅”。《後汉书·马援传》:“公孙不吐哺走迎 国士,与图成败,反修饰边幅,如偶人形。此子何足久稽天下士乎?”李贤注:“言若布帛脩整其边幅也。”后形容不讲究服饰、仪表为不修边幅。

Also make " not 脩 edge " . " Ma Yuan of · of after Chinese book passes " : "A surname is not spat feed go greet national person, with graph success or failure, anti-revisionist acts the role of an edge, be like occasionally person entity. This child corporal of day of He Zujiu check? " Li Xian notes: "Yan Rebu silkses 脩 works its side also. " hind appearance does not pay attention to dress, appearance to be raunchy.