qī bù chéng shī

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Qi Bu Cheng Shi

qī bù chéng shī Annotate (七步成诗)

南朝宋刘义庆《世说新语·文学》:“文帝尝令东阿王七步中 作诗,不成者行大法;应声便为诗曰:‘煮豆持作羹,漉菽以为汁;萁在釜下燃,豆在釜中泣;本自同根生,相煎何太急!’帝深有惭色。”后以“七步成诗”称人才思敏捷。

Liu Yiqing of the Song Dynasty of the Southern Dynasties " the life says neologism · literature " : "Article emperor is tasted your east the poetry is made in A Wang Qibu, old law of travel of the person that won't do; Say for the poem immediately: ' the beans that boil holds a thick soup, seep through beans thinks juice; Beanstalk is lighted below boiler, the beans is in boiler sob; Be born with the root oneself originally, photograph decoct He Tai is urgent! ' the Supreme Being has feel ashamed quality greatly. " hind with " 7 paces become a poem " call a talent Sai Minjie.