yī xīn yī yì

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Yi Xin Yi Yi

yī xīn yī yì Annotate (一心一意)

《三国志·魏志·杜恕传》“免为庶人,徙章武郡,是岁嘉平 元年”裴松之注引《杜氏新书》:“故推一心,任一意,直而行之耳。”后因以“一心一意”谓同心同意;或专心专意,毫无他念。

" Du Shu of · of annals of the Kingdom of Wei of · of annals of the Three Kingdoms is passed " " dismiss the person that it is be the concubine, county of military of order of move from one place to another, it is year old of Jiaping the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor " a surname notes loosely bring " prevent family name new book " : "Reason chooses at one, either meaning, straight and the ear of travel. " hind because of with " absorbed " call homocentric agree; Or absorption only meaning,